Liquid Nicotine contents in e cigarettes

Nicotine is the nitrogenous substance found in tobacco. Nicotine is fully responsible for the addicting properties of cigarette smoking. About 1mg of nicotine is absorbed per cigarette by an average smoker and by bystanders through secondary inhalation. The potency of nicotine in cigarettes is increasing year by year too! Cigarette smoking the traditional way, is not only a potential health hazard but also an environmental hazard. E cigarette vaping is the new technology now. E cigs contain liquid nicotine in a propylene Glycol (PG) base or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base. When the liquid known as e liquid or e juice is vaporized, it produces a mist or vapor, which when inhaled simulates the effects of cigarette smoking.


Liquid Nicotine

Traditional smoking Vs the new fangled e cigarettes


An e cigarette or personal vaporizer is a rechargeable, re-fillable device shaped like a cigarette. When vaporized, it allows you to inhale the nicotine or other flavor of e liquid stored in the cartridges. The vapor produced is non-carcenogenous and has no polluting tar. Since the vapor produced contains water vapor, it is quickly dissipated into the vicinity and does not pollute the environment.


Potency of liquid nicotine in e cigarettes


Liquid nicotine content in e liquids differs in their strength depending on the potency of the vaping effect desired. Potency range of liquid nicotine in the e juice typically vary from 0mg/ml to 36mg/ml. E Liquids sell with labeling marked as ‘mild’ for 6-8ml potency, ‘medium’ for a potency of 10-14mg/ml also called ‘mid range’, ‘high’ potency would contain liquid nicotine in concentrations of 16-18mg/ml and there are ‘extra high’ doses containing liquid nicotine at 24-36mg/ml concentration levels. Certain e liquids may not contain liquid nicotine at all and are said to have 0mg or ‘zero’ potency. These e liquids are differently flavored to give good vaping effects.


Advantages of e cigarettes over traditional smoking – dangers of tobacco smoke inhaling


Although liquid nicotine is present in e cigarette liquids, to a large extent the content is mild compared to the traditional cigarettes. Take a look at this comparison. From a normal cigarette, one would imbibe approximately 1mg of nicotine. The e liquid used in e cigs comes in 10ml to 30ml bottles. Let us consider a ‘high’ dosage sample of e liquid containing 16-18mg/ml of liquid nicotine. This should approximate to 540mg of liquid nicotine per 30ml bottle of e liquid, taken at the upper end. Many e cigarette websites claim that 1ml of e cigarette juice would equate to approximately the same number of puffs as a pack of 20 cigarettes. Meaning that a 30ml bottle of e liquid will serve you the equivalent of 600 cigarettes! This works out to 0.9mg of liquid nicotine imbibed per e cig – at a ‘high’ dosage level.

So one can conclude that though not fully foolproof, the e cigarette revolution has diminished the dangers if imbibing tobacco. If liquid nicotine can be slowly and steadily reduced and altogether taken in zero measure, it is all the more better.

One does not find many forums talking about the environmental perils of liquid nicotine based e cigarettes. Normal cigarettes not only cause cancerous effects on the imbiber but also to the bystander in the vicinity. Is it also the case with the liquid nicotine based e cigarettes? Is the vapor mist produced the e cig a danger to the secondary inhaler? Looks like it is not. As this is a vapor and not a smoke, it stops locally and does not permeate the surroundings. Moreover, it is the tobacco in the smoke that really affects the imbiber and not the nicotine! So far it is not illegal to smoke e cigs in restricted places.


Advantages of e cigarettes over traditional smoking – The finesse of vaping and the greener option


Liquid nicotine in smoke juice does not stain and does not leave the lingering smell of the smoke in your clothes and hair. Since it is in the form of a liquid which gets vaporized, there is no combustion and NO ASH! So obviously there is no need to search for an ashtray to stub out the e cig. It is also a fact that the process of vaporization does not leave any residue as in cigarette stubs. The residue ash in standard cigarettes is not degradable and poses a continued danger to the environment. In comparison, e cigs are cleaner and greener.

A surprising difference in vaping which has come into focus is that the sense of taste and smell is not affected. Vapers claim that after switching over to e cigs, they realize the unpleasantness of a smoky atmosphere. Not only that, totally transformed persons are not wracked by a craving for the irresistible drag. A whiff of smoke does not send them into a panic for a puff too! Good bye to 4000+ chemicals and doom to those around you too!


Where does one get e liquid and other accessories?


Commercial liquid nicotine is available by retailers and can be used to create your own e liquid mixes. Using propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin as a base, you can mix in liquid nicotine to the desired strength and add flavoring to create your own flavors of e liquid. But much care should be taken in handling the nicotine as it is highly toxic and is easily absorbed by bare skin. A standard combination would be to mix 10% of distilled water (or drinking water), 10% flavoring, 20% commercial nicotine and about 60% PG or VG. To get more vapor, use less water. In case other flavors are needed, water can be avoided totally.

When you fill your cartridges with 30 ml supply of e liquid, you get an equivalent of 30 packets of cigarettes as we calculated before. Your standard bottle of 30ml e liquid will cost you an average of $20-25. With this 30 ml bottle of e liquid nicotine you could refill your cartridge 60 times. Now you can do the calculation and decide how much you save on it!


Liquid Nicotine, Is It A green revolution?


E liquid nicotine and e cigs have revolutionized the smoking population, drastically reducing the levels of nicotine in the environment and also the risks to health. Perhaps, there may be a marginal increase in the number of smokers…..sorry, vapers, but there is a substantial decrease in the number of persons taking in large doses of nicotine- the regular smokers!


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  2. Avery says:

    Wobbling . ” Smoking is the single biggest avertable reason for death and untimely death. Lung cancer is one of the major sicknesses accredited to smoking.

  3. Javion says:

    But based primarily on the understanding of known systematic proof of apoptosis and the rise in mortality rates of ciggie smokers, this theoretical reason has some credence, and may continue to have credence till proved otherwise! There's something dangerous that's going down to gasper smokers and nicotine is among the agents behind it. Ask any ex-cigarette smoker.

  4. Bailey says:

    Even a cigar connoisseur has to relight occasionally! Don't stub out your cigar like a ciggie. Hold the cigar with your thumb and index finger.

  5. Nathen Guerra says:

    A reinforcing and reward phenomenon of dopamine develops as the dopamine that's freed from the ends of the nerves initiates a sense of pleasure in the person's brain.

  6. Rowan Hatfield says:

    Smoking causes all types of illnesses and illnesses so giving up would be smart.

  7. Cornelius says:

    ” At least of all deaths from heart illnesses and about of the planet's lingering bronchitis are related to smoking. ” Between 80,000-100,000 kids worldwide start smoking each day and proof shows that around fifty p.c of those individuals who start smoking as a teen go on to smoke fifteen to twenty years.

  8. Jaxson Kim says:

    Propylene Glycol may repress skin cell expansion as demonstrated in human tests and can damage cell surfaces which may cause break outs, dry skin and surface damage. Especially when used on Babies, Small Children and the Aged .

  9. manea.sayal says:

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  11. timlange says:

    Material Safety Information Sheets warn users to keep away from skin. Propylene Glycol may suppress skin cell expansion as demonstrated in human tests and can damage cell surfaces which may cause dermatitis, dry skin and surface damage.

  12. jb005v8138_2 says:

    Nicotine causes weightloss in smokers. This explains why most fag smokers are thin or slim.

  13. Bo says:

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  14. ferasjaara says:

    A straightforward yet effective approach to decreasing your daily gasper intake involves decreasing the amount of cigarettes you smoke by just one each day or every couple of days – the ultimate choice is yours.

  15. tle_0 says:

    Here are a couple more things that you can do with those much maligned but oh so addicting pieces of cigarettes : – Props in sorcery shows : Sorcery shows have a large amount of uses for tiny things that emit smoke, burn and can be concealed pretty much everywhere. Who knows? Perhaps with enough practice it is possible to get your own show on TV.

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    A credible online merchant that sells discount cigarettes will have parental controls on their internet sites as well as a disclaimer that if making a purchase for inexpensive smokes from their web site the consumer has to recognize that they're of the necessary legal minimum age to buy this sort of product. So you can see there are many superb advantages to deciding to purchase your tobacco items on the internet.

  17. Braydon Mccullough says:

    A product is duty-free when it reaches the country of destination, where tax could be applied to the discreetness of the local Customs Authorities.

  18. aree41 says:

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  23. goodluck2subodh says:

    Outlets also make a substantial profit. Since these offers are comparatively cheap, it's vital to make them not available for children who could be lured by these offers.

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